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Chancellor-led units will be engaged as part of the business process review sessions starting in July 2023. Input from these teams will be crucial to designing the new processes as we transform to the Oracle HCM cloud-based platform.

Name Title, Function  Campus
John Fahey Vice President, UFA Operations and Project Executive​ Central​
Ellen Law AVP OIT Enterprise Application Services​ Central​
Melissa Marrero​ Director, HR Administration​ Central​
Donna Louis​ Director, Business Partner Service​, UHR Central​
Ryan Holcombe​ Director, Talent Acquisition​, UHR Central​
Douglas Horr​ Chief Audit Executive Central​
Erin Egan​ Director, Audit and Advisory Services Central​
Latha Sharma Manager – Info Tech, Audit and Advisory Services Central​
Obi Agbara​ Manager – Info Tech, OIT Central​
Mauricio Suarez​ Director, OneSource Service Center, UHR​ Central​
Daisy Maxwell​ Senior HR Business Systems Analyst, HR Information Systems, UHR​ Central​
Karla Marie Anderson​ Director, Human Capital Management​, UHR Central​
Christy Dolce​ University Controller, UCO​ Central​
Betsy Cafiero​ Director, Financial Information Services, UCO​ Central​
Joseph Bianchi​ Associate Controller, Payroll Services, UCO​ Central​
Ann Marie Lane​ Supervisor, Payroll Services, UCO​ Central​
Jeremy Howlett​ Sr Business Manager, UCO Payroll Services​ Central​
Padmini Balakrishnan​ Business Systems Analyst, Payroll Services, UCO​ Central​
Adrienne Cox​ Accounting Supervisor I, Payroll Services, UCO​ Central​
Deborah Jackson​ Manager, Payroll Services, UCO​ Central​
Piyush Patel​ Director, Enterprise Business Systems, UCO Central​
Savitha Pamidigantam​ Project Manager, Enterprise Business Systems, OIT​ Central​
David Badger​ Executive Director, Enterprise Application Services, OIT​ Central​
Glenn Oldis​ Associate Director, Enterprise Application Services, OIT​ Central​
M.K. Tsui​ Associate Director, UFA PMO​ Central​
Sean Regan​ Project Manager, UFA PMO​ Central​
Kim Krall​ Project Management Support, UFA PMO​ Central​
Stephanie Reed​ Communications Senior Director, Culture and Communications, UFA​ Central​
Trish Sanchez​ Senior Public Relations Specialist, UFA​ Central​
Matt Spinale​ Senior Manager, Change Management, UFA PMO​ Central​
Cherelyn Stewart-Tabiri​ Change Management Specialist, UFA PMO​ Central​
Aaron Richton System Programmer / Admins/ Enterprise Business System Central​
Yaw-Shing Wang Assistant Director, Enterprise Business Development Central​
Elizabeth Ann Lopresti Training Coordinator, UFA PMO Central​
Catalina Torres Project Manager Support, UFO PMO Central​
Rob Watson Vice President COE, Oracle Central​
Amitesh Kumar​ Vice President COE – HCM Expert, Oracle Central​
Harnel Richmond​ Manager of Training and Employee Development Central​
Matthew O’Brien​ Training Coordinator, UFA PMO​ Central​
David Voutsinas​ Reporting​ Consultant, UFA PMO Central​
Tammy Khaleque​ Director, HRIS/HRIT Central​
Lauren Cangialosi ​ Associate Director, Talent Acquisition, UHR​ Central​
Mary Markulic​ Data Specialist, HRIS/HRIT Central​
David Moore​ Vice President, Planning and Analytics – Chief Budget Officer Central​
Vincent So​ Senior Manager, UBO​ Central​
Eva Ho​ Budget Analyst II, UBO​ Central​
Colleen Tedeschi​ Manager, Audit and Advisory Services​ Central​
Nilesh Patel​ Senior Auditor, Information Systems, Audit and Advisory Services​ Central​
Kathy Linenberger​ Implementation Partner, Delivery Lead, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Jennifer Albright Implementation Partner – Project Manager, Sierra-Cedar Central​
Jean Park​ Implementation Partner, Functional Lead, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Veer Trivedi​ Implementation Partner, Functional Lead, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Rana Pal ​ Implementation Partner, Functional Lead, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Bill VanSteinberg ​ Implementation Partner, Functional Lead, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Shaun Gilboy​ Implementation Partner, Technical Lead, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Miguel Buleje​ Implementation Partner, Change Management​, Sierra​-Cedar Central​
Judy Garner Customer Success Manager, Oracle​ Central​
Mike Zeto​ Implementation Partner, Ideametrics Central​
Tom Deshan​ Implementation Partner, Ideametrics​ Central​
Madhava Jupalli​ Implementation Partner, Ideametrics​ Central​
Padmaja Chunduru​ Implementation Partner, Ideametrics​ Central​